Your good life as a family pet has come to an abrupt end! Help your family deal with their grief by drifting from room to room and exploring the house.

Music by Grahm Nesbitt
Game by Picogram
Made for Global Game Jam 2019!

*Keyboard Controls - Arrow Keys to Move, 'Z' to interact

Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsDogs, Ghosts


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I luv this game so much....

it reminds me of something of mine :)


Dang this is so sad


Very nice game!!

very cool


sniff... sniff...


oh no im gonna cry

I like it :D nice! It was a bit sad though ;-;




Aww that was so sweet and cute. 


Very cute game. It  made me cry a bit, but it helped me a lot dealing  with some anxiety I was having. Thank  you. :)

awww :'')

I'm not gonna lie, recently I lost both my father and the cat I've had my entire life in a span of only three weeks or so. Last night I had a dream and my cat was sort of in it (her smell which is basically just dirt because she was an outside cat) and even though I haven't lost my dog yet, she's old and doesn't spend much time with me anymore. This game managed to cheer me up, if only a little bit. Thank you so much for this game; it's made me feel a bit better about life in general. :)

Short but fun, its a shame there isn't more to do and play around with 

This made me cry and i love this game and its so heart warming and is very sad and makes you feel happy about the people you have in your life right now

(1 edit) (+1)

Made me unexpectedly sad, probably because i lost an amazing dog recently.

Edit: I do still have one doggo left, and he's been with me for most of my life.

A touching and well engineered game. Keep up the good work! :

Rip doggo, but at least they helped ;3 (I’m typing on keyboard)

Incredibly cute yet touching! Hit the feels and it makes me feel grateful, thanks for spending time on this


Short and sweet! Price and I enjoyed being this cute doggy! Thank you for making this :D

I didn't wanna let go. It reminded me of my dead dog T T

simple yet so so touching!

this was adorable, and made me cry thinking of my dog who passed a few months back,  i miss him but i know hell be okay


rip doggo


this game is so cute, i love it


hint: hold down 


spoiler: nothing happens when you do this



this made me soft :')


This made me sob :)


adorable! <33


very sweet small little game :)


A cute and heartwarming game!


It's so adorable, I loved it!!!


i like that but i dont like litle spiritual way with the ghost , i dont like religion and spirituality but ithout the ghost would be nice , that what i need


how would the game even work without the ghost


This was a lovely game, made me cry for a bit. Lovely art uwu


I was fine playing it but... then the dog starts to trying to make everything better. Make everyone not sad and stuff. It just all of the sudden hits you really hard for some reason. Really nice little game! :')


had a very nice cry after playing this :") thank you so much, really. 


Absolutely wonderful

Absolutely beautiful work!! My floofer is still with me, but this brought a sense of comfort for when he inevitably passes on. Thanks for this beautiful piece with such empathy and sincerity woven into it's cute design <3


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My Experience: The game had a wholesome point of view, I really like this , coming from someone that had lost their dog years ago seeing this really warmed my heart. He/she was a good doggy. I love the barking aspect as well, I can bark everywhere I go hehe. I’ll be following you and also checking out your other games! Keep up the great work devs! :D​


holy hell this hit me hard like a bag of bricks

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