Your good life as a family pet has come to an abrupt end! Help your family deal with their grief by drifting from room to room and exploring the house.

Music by Grahm Nesbitt
Game by Picogram
Made for Global Game Jam 2019!

*Keyboard Controls - Arrow Keys to Move, 'Z' to interact

Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsDogs, Ghosts


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how I play? what is the purpose of the game?

I lost my baby dog way too early. this game helped me a lot. thank you


lovely game!!!!! the puzzles were just the right difficulty and the music really brings it all together so well. and the sound design. and the story. and the dog <3 thank you for making this!

this is really nice, i cried midway because i don't think i could handle my dogs dying but it's nice to think about them helping me and going to their resting place after. thank u so much for this game :) im going to walk my dogs now

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I love this... I'm going to hug my doggy

awww, i loved it. thank you for this <3

muy lindo <3 y muy triste </3

Absolutely beautiful. The gameplay is also cute and fun. ^.-


guys, dont worry. i have something to cheer you up. hold down z

this was so cute, nice short game really sad tho

man this made me cry, its so cute but also so sad, it reminded me of my over 20 year old cat midnight who died in march and how i kept seeing signs of him:( i loved the game though and i really liked the little barking feature, the frog hat too.

: (


Really cute but sad wish it was longer.


Cute and meaningful! Nice way to handle hard subject.

Art is really good! Had a good time, thank you!

my dog legit just went missing yesterday, idefk, this is a bit on the nose at the moment, but also kind of really nice.

this is adorable!


i cried fuck 

Thank you so much


this reminded me of my dog! i cried tears filled with happy memories with him!


the best game ive ever played in a while. started crying but in a good way

made me cry a bit but its so cute i cant stop smiling

great bgm and art!! this game is full of love

lol who made this? it's an amazing game btw. loved it.


This really warm my heart:'( i don't have a dog but i have a cat, he's so cute that i can't imagine my life without him<3. This game is reminded me to him, even tho he's still sittin' peacefully besides me:b 

This is an Amazing cute simple game, and i like it<3

i cri every tiem
no srsly im a dog owner and this is just???? idk omg i love it


I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying

(As a new dog owner, this hit way too close to home! Great job!)

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omg i'm crying

this is great game but about the dog dying... nooo...

anyways, great job on this game! it's very cute.


I'm not crying, noooooo....

I'm so scared of the day my dog will have to go. He's 12 years old now, and I can't really imagine how it will be without him.

Whatever, an awesome cute little game! <3


i cri i sad

mi also aswill


I recently lost my cat, and this game simultaneously made me sad and happy, it's vey cute and well made. 

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hold down z ingame

it glitches the barking sound lmao
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this game is super sad

A very short but very well-done game starring a very good boy! The cute pixel style and animations, plus the bouncy BGM, gave the game a very light-hearted feeling despite the premise and the grief of the human characters; the soft rain SFX and the contrast between the darker exterior and the warm colors of the rooms when you 'enter' them gave it a surprisingly cozy feel. It managed to be more heartwarming than tearjerking, with moments of humor adding levity (ex. the dog's absolutely correct and accurate homework), and the pup's floating animation/movement made it oddly satisfying to just float around. I enjoyed my time with this game a lot!



My dad passed away before I even finished high school, maybe a year and a half ago. Playing this game made me cry, in a good way. Idk. Thank you for making it.

short game yet so amazing,I loved it

This lowkey made me feel sad, happy, and i was laughing at the same time , i love this game smmm

Lovely little game.

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I just cried more and more, I am thinking of my dead dog.

hey Picogram, could you make this game downloadable? my pc doesn't run well when i try playing a game in a browser

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