Your good life as a family pet has come to an abrupt end! Help your family deal with their grief by drifting from room to room and exploring the house.

Music by Grahm Nesbitt
Game by Picogram
Made for Global Game Jam 2019!

*Keyboard Controls - Arrow Keys to Move, 'Z' to interact

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(2,274 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsDogs, Ghosts


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I LOVE THIS SM !!! i'm really sad for the family though.. as a person who lost a pet last year i feel their pain

this game is very sad and cute at the same time

i love it

 Love this game<3 It reminds me of my own doggy^-^ crying...

Nice gam

cute game, vry recommend

i love this

LOVE IT <3333



Good doggo

Soooo cute!!! Loved it <3


this was amazing, ended up crying


What a cute game!

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too wholesome, i made my mouse shake aggresively

I love this game! So cute and so sad story made me drop tears(TへT)1 min movie I made..





This is so sad, and adorable at the same time, im so conflicted. Good Work though


What a cute game. I love how this tackles on loss of a loved one in a cute 8-bit style and the message of this game. There's just a personal problem;

How can crosswords scare people?

Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:


this game sad but good


Absolutely incredible work. Thank you for giving a bit of closure to the loss of a loyal pet.


I'm crying. I love this so much. It's so simple but it hits home for me <3

this made me smile. i really enjoyed it.


wow this was just wow its amazing im speechless it almost had me crying.


This is really sad game. It made me think how I would feel when my dog does di


My dog died a couple of months ago. Reminds me of him :,) thanks for making this


I Was playing this game on newgrounds yesterday. I remember -playing it on 2016 when my dog was already old and feeling this dreadfull feeling. Now its 2022 and she passed 3 months ago. I cried A LOT while playing, but its not a dreadfull feeling anymore. Thank you for this

sad but really cool to play >:3

I really like this game, but couldn't figure out how to toast the bread. Did anybody else have this problem? I am up to the point where I already delivered the ball and the dad/mom (parent?) just needs some time. 


i played this not  logged into my acc

but this is very heartwarming..!! :D

it makes me cry when i play but its not like i was extremely sad while playing

my fuzzy friend chump is still with me at the moment and

like this game he makes me smile!  10/10  kinda 

want a squeal but i think that might be unnecessary....


thank you sm for this game. it means a lot to me; its been 4 months since my cat died and im still completely broken over it, but i feel that playing this game has helped me gain a sense of closure and make peace with it <3


This was so sad but so good TOT

so sweet and heartwarming. worth every minute spent playing<3


i cant stop crying  i dont like dogs dying and i dont like that the dog has to go im still crying right now

aww man, game doesnt work i cant use the controls


barking button omg yes


Short and sweet game. Hope you're happy up there buddy!

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this actually made me cry especially because we just lost a dog

(i misspelled dog)


awe this is so sad yet adorable, rest in peace buddy!


Very yes to you.


I remember playing this a long time ago and getting confused lmao

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