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I just cried more and more, I am thinking of my dead dog.

hey Picogram, could you make this game downloadable? my pc doesn't run well when i try playing a game in a browser

it's so simple and cute :'''( why you gotta make cvryinf :(((

the end of the sentence lol


could not help but laugh when doggy became smart, great game

what da dog doin


you made me sob thank you so much for making this heartwarming yet heartbreaking game <3


im gonna cry :'(

im bouta cry 

This dog... I'm on the verge of crying


Cute wholesome game, really loved it, the length of the game was just right, very wholesome and cute 

so god dam wholsome

Played this a couple weeks after losing my beloved cat. This game made me bawl like a baby.

this game was definitely one of the best i had ever played! it almost made me cry.


heartwarming game

Great game, perfect for speedrunning. My suster and I got a good sub minute run. Mine was 47.82 and my sister got 58.75 amazing times I know I know really great game you made I love the speedrun stats gg ez 

So wholesome =)

Im sad that thats the whole game like i wanna see more but i still really like the game i had a dog named alaska i liked him alot and now he's dead. :(


My dog died a few days ago so this game felt perfect.


all dogs go to heaven

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i had a dog named gizzy/gizmo and he died idk how but mom had him for her whole life and he just layed downand had enough and i hope my mom finds this game to remember him <3

i cried its so wholesome


this game had no right making me cry lmfaoo

Short and extremely wholesome.


This is so heartwarming and bittersweet. I love it.


I remembered the days of past pets.
Despite this, I can say this is a nice touching little game ♥

This is so wholesome but leaves a pinch on my heart. I've never had a pet before so maybe that's why I am not sobbing, but I'm betting my money that if I did, I'll be ugly sobbing :')

The most wholesome game I've seen on itch so far.   Extremely heartwarming.  Everything about it is incredible, especially the cute sprites and music.

sad...but really cute and can you made the game downloadable please?.. :3


my dog died last year this game made me remember him and i just wanted to say thank you so much<3 (i cried a lot) 

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my dog died 2 weeks ago, i like this game because it reminds me of her. this makes me cry so much too, because on the morning of the day she died, i was getting ready to go to school, and i wanted to kiss her goodbye but my mum wouldnt allow me to. i wish i could have kissed her that final time. when i came home i asked my mum where my dog was and mum said "She couldn't eat, she couldn't drink" i asked if she was at the vet and mum said, crying "no, she's dead"


this was really cute. I really liked it. 

(hugged my doggo afterwards)




Man this game made me cry with the music and stuff


Picogram thank you for this cute and touching game. In a word you're doing great!

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Very sweet, heartwarming  and entertaining ! Plus the soundtrack is sooo relaxing. Thank you ♫ !


I love this game, but could you do a sequel with a cat? The dog is very cute. Nice floating animation.

oh god im crying, one ofthe best games i ever played here in 2 years, 10/10


ugh im definitely not cryin ;_; i don't particulatly like dogs but this doggy is so sweet

I'm not crying, you are

I wanna cry but dont wanna at the same tim

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