P.E. Noire is a point-and-click adventure game set in Sunnyside Elementary School. You're a Hall Monitor! Help your fellow students and get the riff-raff in line, because the halls of this school are crawling with shady characters.

Controls :

  • left click - do things
  • u can't combine things in your inventory so don't try doing that
  • alt+f4 - cheat console

music by Grahm Nesbitt
everything else by Picogram

Made for Pigsquad's Summer Slow Jam 2018!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(991 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Detective, Point & Click, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
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I love it!

Real good stuff! 


Nice game. I'm developing similar to this one.  https://games2see.itch.io/memory-detective-akira


an absolute masterpiece, incredibly immersive and witty dialog, love it to death 

Awesome and clever!

You had me at "made with real udder". Great short game


What was the froggo pencil for? Besides making me want one! I confess I wrecked my brain a bit to finish it, but I absolutely love it! Recorded it for the channel and the whole nihilistic talk and society critique was on point!

Maybe give it to the sad kid outside for a funny dialogue? Didn't try this though


lmao what an Anya moment xD

Best game 10/10

lovely gam


looks like someone hasn't read tender frog house


Great game, I enjoyed the funny narrator text. That being said, I finished the game without using the frog pen, could it be used anywhere?

how to get the battery from the mac and cheese?

n e t


even tho your comment is 15 hours old and I'm pretty sure you've already figured it out, give the kid outside his sock back, and take his toy. give the sad girl out a front a chewed pencil, by getting the pencil from your locker and giving it to the kid outside the cafeteria. the sad girl gives you the net for the chewed pencil. drop the toy into the corrosive mac and cheese, leaving only the batteries in the mac and cheese. then, use the corrosion proof net to scoop them out.

Loved this game

i tried giving tatum a pencil but it didn't work!!!!!


There are two pencils: the mechanical frog one, and the one found in your locker. First, you have to give the one in your locker to Bimble, who will then chew on it and give it back to you. You have to give this chewed-on pencil to Tatum.


how do i pick the batteries from the mac n cheese


did you figure it out because im also stuck... there


you gotta get a net form Tatum, you get it by giving her the chew pencil

I loved all the text when clicking the random things around the school. Very charming and fun!

I loved solving this!

Amazing! The beginning reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.

Incredibly charming and cute! Great character and item pixelart as well as very nice music.

Just noticed that Grahm Nesbitt's link does not work, in case it matters.


omg... melvin... the skrunkly...


amazing game. and for anyone wondering, the battery is in the mac and cheese.


omg thank you, I got stuck there


no problem.


can anyone tell me how to do the working recorder?


Batteries - get the red toy from Zane by giving him his sock and then put the toy in the mac and cheese
Cassette - Give Kimi the red ball

Deleted post

How do you then combine stuff?

Is this available for the game boy?




I need help, how do i get the battery for the tape recorder?


put it in mac and cheese


Awesome little point and click adventure! Love it!


Really fun to play, loved how the story was written out.

I can't find the key!

check the cafeteria vent lol


(1 edit)

A little obtuse, but extremely charming. This game won me over! (When in doubt, peek through the comments!)



how to get the mac and the batte

dip the machine in the mac and cheese


"alt+f4 - cheat console" LMAO


strg+win+left key opens another cheat tool

Loved this beautiful game. 


Dont give CC the notes a second time! if you have any of the checks done, it'll reset them, and softlock you into not being able to confront Melvin, needing a reset :/

i had this same issue!

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