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Really fun to play, loved how the story was written out.

I can't find the key!

check the cafeteria vent lol

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A little obtuse, but extremely charming. This game won me over! (When in doubt, peek through the comments!)


how to get the mac and the batte


"alt+f4 - cheat console" LMAO

Loved this beautiful game. 


Dont give CC the notes a second time! if you have any of the checks done, it'll reset them, and softlock you into not being able to confront Melvin, needing a reset :/

Very fun game and great music :-)


the music reminds me of professor layton

Really fun and cute game! I'll keep an eye out for any more if you release them ^^


alt f4 cheat console


Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here: 

I personally loved this game!


ok, what do you do next? I have the mechanical frog pen,  tape recorder, cassette tape, hammer, signature template and battery. What do I do now?


the mechanical frog pen isn't required (I have no idea what its even for) but when you're ready you need to click on the first bathroom stall door (you might need to talk to the black haired kid with the glasses first if you didn't learn melvin's location from him yet)

Very fun game! The comments helped out ALOT so thank you for that comments. This game is amazing! I love it a lot. 

man THAT is the kind of thing I like!


Absolutely adorable, had to look through some of the comments for help but we made it in the end >:D ! Adored the music , story and characters too ! Cheers, devs ^^

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