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Very fun game and great music :-)


the music reminds me of professor layton


Really fun and cute game! I'll keep an eye out for any more if you release them ^^


alt f4 cheat console


Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here: 

I personally loved this game!



ok, what do you do next? I have the mechanical frog pen,  tape recorder, cassette tape, hammer, signature template and battery. What do I do now?


the mechanical frog pen isn't required (I have no idea what its even for) but when you're ready you need to click on the first bathroom stall door (you might need to talk to the black haired kid with the glasses first if you didn't learn melvin's location from him yet)

Very fun game! The comments helped out ALOT so thank you for that comments. This game is amazing! I love it a lot. 

man THAT is the kind of thing I like!


Absolutely adorable, had to look through some of the comments for help but we made it in the end >:D ! Adored the music , story and characters too ! Cheers, devs ^^


Awesome game! I loved all the jokes that came from mixing noir and elementary - it's hilarious :D


the "cheat console" joke is genuinely not funny. i have shit on my computer and not everyone saves every five seconds


if you dont know what alt+f4 does at this point then thats on you lmao


dude that's a prank that people who thought they were smart played in *elementary school.* plus, if a game gives me instructions, i'm not exactly on the fucking watch based on the chance that it might be something to mess with me. there's no need to try and be condescending on a joke game that is *also* about elementary schoolers 


Homie I could cook an egg on that hot head of yours.


yeah i know i was being stupid, but i get very pissed at people who are just.. so unnecessarily mean to other people 


I don't see why that's mean, it's a joke and you just apparently haven't been on the internet


if you think alt+f4 is gonna help you, well good luck!


This is the funniest thing i've seen all day lmao


im so stupid I pressed alt-f4

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ong bro. these kind of calarts game devs are lame as fuck. sorry people are hating on you


the writing is hilarious and the game is really fun!




a very charming game! Thoroughly enjoyed the writing, art, and mechanics. I would love to play a full game like this in the future :)


"u can't combine things in your inventory so don't try doing that" *Proceds to try multiple times to combine objects because got lost on the last end*

Very fun game :D


Very cute and charming.


love the game


It was so fun to play!


How do i open the Toy? (from zane)



you gotta put it in that toxic macaroni


I loved the game it was so fun to navigate through the clues and helping out  cheeky kids. Art style and the jazz in the background made it a million times more enjoyable like an 80's retro criminal movie. Amazing work !!!

That was an amazing game and concept.


How do i combine the battery, cassette and tape recorder? I am very uneducated in the ways of old

Never mind, I didn't have to! Anyways, this was a great game! I loved the art style, the jazzy detective-themed music is immaculate! Overall great game!

Very cute! Question though: is there something we can do with the quarters besides give them to the nerdy kid? I avoided that and then had 11 at the end of the game.

This was fun! I had some trouble with the batteries but thanks to the comments I finished it. Loved the concept and the art :]

Absolutely love this game. Music, Dialogue, and Art really just were perfect. Would definitely play again. I recommend this to everyone on here. I need more!!!

how to get the net fot the batteries?

you have to give the crying girl out front something sad-looking :)

Thanks!!!!!, i finished it!


Finished the game! It's so good. I enjoyed the art as well. However, I pity Melvin. I understand the hatred for PE. Overall, great game and art. I hope to play more games made by you hehe. 


Great art and wonderful dialogue! I love this~~ :3


can anybody help? ive grabbed the key in the cafeteria yet it doesnt let me open the drawer


It's in the bottom drawer in the math room.

This game was really cute! The idea of a kid with the same internal monologue as a noir detective was really well done, and quite unique. Enjoyable all around :)


how do you get the batteries?


put the outlaw laser robo geek in the macaroni thing in the cafeteria it will burn


1I really like these types of games and yours definitely did not disappoint! I loved the storyline.

Keep making more!! 


how do you combine to get a recorder?

Sir, it tells you in the description that you cannot combine stuff.

sorry sir

i see it now

i finished! very cute game :D

This game was so adorable!


This was so much fun!


Amazing game idea and perfectly executed!

Cutest Game ever. Had me stumped at first. Great puzzles! I enjoyed it very much!


Enjoyed the game! Reminded me of the movie "Brick" a little. Would love to see it grow with more cases to solve! Interface and gameplay was very straightforward (glad you included the comment about not trying to combine items within your inventory).

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