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This game is so much fun! I played with a friend and we were both absolutely charmed by the art, writing, and music. It works so well, and if you consider making a full game I know many people would be interested

Reminded me of Chet Gecko Private Eye.


Quite funny! Loved this parody game, it feels just right. 

The setting was excellent, hope we'll see it in a sequel some day!

the cheat codes really helped. you should try it!!


Love everything about this game!!! The concept drew me in immediately, and the tone/humor got me hooked. Great art, great music, love the writing, fun character designs, and the puzzles were pretty satisfying to solve.

This was a hilarious game with some super sharp writing. I would love a full length game or even a series with the same characters and humor.

Some of my favorite lines:

"detention industrial complex"

"big dairy"

"these booboos are on the inside"


i need help, im stuck trying to get a working recorder


use the cheat codes (not really)

Oh my god this was so cute and fun. Your art style is so crisp and fun, and the dialogue is way too snappy and perfect.

I loved it! The art style is great and the dialogue was really funny. I'd love to play a longer version / sequel someday! :)

I finished it in the browser, but I tried downloading the game, and the zip seems to be an empty file?

oh no! I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! I'll get it fixed as soon as I'm back home!

Um... Now it says "The developer has not uploaded a game yet..." at the top of the page, there are no files to download, and the game is not even playable in the browser anymore. What's going on?


Sorry! I deleted the old download file as it wasn't working, but I deleted one too many files :U

Both the download and browser game should be working! Sorry about the mess

Alright, it works fine now. Thank You! :)

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Really enjoyable story, solid mechanics, and interesting characters! And the sound design/music are excellent. Thank you!

This artwork is super inviting. Wrote a little review about it to tell our small fanbase:

i cant play it it`s messed up


What's going on with the game? Are you using the download or playing in-browser?

So fucking good! I want a full game with this style and narrative. <3


One day!!! <3

Made a video


Thank you so much for playing it!!! Loved the voice acting haha

Happy you enjoyed it and would love to see more added to this game it's a really fun world that can be developed further.

Utterly charming game.  Very cleverly written. I could play a much longer game like this.

Thank you! I may add on more when I have the time to! Definitely enjoyed making this!


Amazing game! I loved the art and the UI was very sleek as well! The writing was terrific too and gave me a good laugh. I hope you make more games like these!

In the future, for sure! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!!

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that cheat console's  pretty nifty

Added one! Hopefully it works for you!

Thanks a lot!

Um I can't figure out how to open the game...

Just extract the contents of the zip to a folder and then open up the index.html file!

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It keeps giving me this message... Will I have to follow the steps on the page and download an application or is there an easier way? Thanks! 

really nice

Thank you!

This is the best thing I've played all year.........!!!!!!!!! It's SO FUNNY ✨✨✨ I love it so much!!!


<3 I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much!!!

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