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Good bye...

I was a bit apprehensive to start the game (topic of loss is quite heavy for me)
But you've handled it so splendidly that I was left only with warm smiles in the end
Great game! Thank you :)

made me cry in the best way. just recently lost my best friend Ryder and this helped me cope a bit with that, imagining her floating around with her favorite toy. thank you for making this 

This was adorable....

Ahh I know this feeling too well, just lost 2 of my dogs so I get it. I'm glad this little family had a good boy in their family.


Good boy? Best boy.


What a good dog.

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This reminds me of my dead dog that died from distemper-

I remember playing this when i was a bit younger.  I almost cried when i played this game again :'D

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(Cute game! I had to restart 2 times to see all outfits for the guy, definetely starting with tha froggy was the right choice! <3) honk- i mean BORK

R.I.P. the dog,  this game was really sad but I had a great time playing it.

R.I.P Doggy hope he has a great time up there

I really liked this game, it was super cute but sad at the same time. I may have cried lol

this is so sadddd I almost cried in the middle of science class while playing this


is cool

this was adorable!

I love this game so much!! It's just so cute T_T And I just love the fact that even if cute lil doggo is dead he still helps make his family feel happy <3

10/10 <3


You're an absolute fluffball and will be missed! Cute doggo helping out near and dear ones, what else one needs ^_^

10/10 <3


I love the good boi and i love the bork


This is a game about the goodest boi. I'll let you decide if that's what you need right now

muy buen juego a nivel artistico y jugable, pero, no supe que hacer luego de darle la pelota al nene

Yo creo que despues de eso tienes que ir arriba  al cielo  :)

lo itentare:)

I had to stop myself before I cried myself... I love this game, I'm still trying not to tear up.


This is so nice and heartwarming

this game left me in shock after i was done

A nice game about a kind dog helping his family before he ascends.


holding Z spams bark


Oh, my heart! Oh it's so beautiful and sad!!

Oooow man :( <3


I love this game, it's so wholesome and sad, coping with losing you're pet is hard.


this is so cute




This is so good 


i lost my dog two days ago, i feel like i needed this. thank you <3

why did this make me cry a lil bit when i first saw it-




already tearing up, wonderful game

Woah So Cool !


pov: u dont have a dog


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