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This is so heartwarming :"D, I'm ....speechless :")))


thank you for this game!! it made me cry but for different reasons


My eyes got pretty teary playing this. It yanked on my heartstrings! I'll likely be coming back to this game to remind myself even my pets would have me take care of myself.


so sad and yet so wholesome!

I cried! It's so good!

This game is so beautiful, the story and art are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this, I.

v charming but  :'(

its really sad i cryed and my boyfriend freak  out 


i lost my dog recently, and it felt good to play this.  


I started crying before I even started the game. This is really, really good.


I lost my dog last week, and this sent me into tears; in a good way though. I love and miss her so much, but thinking that she would want me to be okay and happy like this dog did their family, warmed my heart and made me feel a little better.

Thank you, for this simple, yet touching game.

jeez, this game is powerful. it´s so simple, and yet it can make you cry waterfalls... I´ll be going back to this game when my own dog leaves me.


this was enough to make me cry. my second day ever being on and this makes me cry.

R.I.P doggy. he will be loved and remembered forever.


-Made a Video. (Old Video)



this is a wonderful game I lost my dog  a few years back and still miss him it helps that this game exists. Thank you so much!


I just lost my dog yesterday...and I can't thank  you enough for making such a beautiful game. Literally in tears now because that little pixelated dog went to heaven


Damn I can't play this game without crying

i played this like... -super smart counting stuffs- 7 times.. its to coot and sad for mah smol peanut brain ;w;

It's very touching, I couldn't stop crying while playing.


Damnit I got attached to a dead doggo and got sad when he had to leave the family for the 2nd time...

I feel bad for u


i got my first dog when i was in a really dark place. he died shortly after we got him due to liver failure. this traumatized me, and sent me into a downward spiral for a while. i got a new dog, and i'm very overprotective of him, as well as all of my friends and family, but case in point, this game made me cry tears of happiness. don't think you're ever going to see this, but you made me happy for the first time in a while. thank you.  

nice, this game makes me feel relaxin

very good game. kind of sad, but also super cute. the sprite work is amazing and i adore the ghost dog. he's just so cute. all in all 10/10 would play again

I love that you can hold Z to spam bark




thank you for this game, it is so cute and touching.

a very perfect little game, from art to story to music!


Even though my dog is still alive, this made me cry. This game is so beautiful.

cute and lovely.

I love this game, my dog passed around a year ago, this made me shed a tear. incredibly well made!

Deleted post

itll be okay ive lost three pets in my liftime so i understand. i think as long as you loved him unconditionally just the same as he did, and as long as you didi that its not your faul

the same thing happened to me, but only a year ago.

:_) thank you for this lovely game

i have a jack russel and hes still alive, its amazing that a video game left me in tears .

this was really sad but still great. thank you for making this game, i hope you make more like this.

Great game. I miss my dog  :, )


this is a nice game

b o r k

ee get well soon <3


My dog died today and I'm just playing this and crying. Thank you for this game.

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