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beautiful story, a single tear was shed whilst playing

its so cute and i love this game

awww sooo cute <3


i'm crying.


This is cute...and sad at the same time. :)  :(

*pats head*

don't worry it's just a game.

Yeah but it reminds me of my dead dogs,and there's a lot and i mean A LOT of dead dogs in my house.


Idk.But i got over it now.


is good


my dog just died so <3

why did doggy died?

bc death


of course.


omg im sorry to hear that

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Same,but my dog died in April 24,2021,cuz of distemper.Not eating,lack of energy...

But i did get 2 new dogs.


im about to cry ngl the music and the story and the npc's needing help its gold just pure gold pico and grahm you are legendary

this game is so amazing, thank you




liked it

oh ok

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i only read the title and was already crying
i miss my dogs so much... i would like to see them one more time


too wholesomeeee makes me miss my dog kayk, shes gonna be a moma soon ^^

i just see. look at my friend, namigh14. she has this image. my friends, @bandu_belly and @scratchU8 left scratch :(

my heart-

why r u sad?

it was cute- lolz

Stop. This game, dude. This game...;-;

🙄eeeee🙄 ;-;



it actually made me cry

its amazing

ty so much for foing this! the grief of a dog is so painful :( 

ok froggy

Actually made me cry 10/10

:,^) so cute


😢😔☹🙁😞😿🌹🌷🌺🌸🏵💐i just put flowers at dat ded person

I'm actually sobbing, the music, the script, it's all so so precious. Thank you and congrats for the game!


This is sad yet wholsomeeee


This is so damn cute but depressing :')


fuck man this hurts

dont say bad words

its so cute <3

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pov: my dead cat rn


this game is amazing help


This game made me tear up bc it reminds me of my dead dog

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lmao holding z is freaking hilarious🤣🤣🤣




it's so short, yet so sad, it reminds me a lot of seven cats under or something, the story are pretty alike, but instead of the pet who died, the owner died, both of the game is so sad and heartwarming


this had me straight up crying it was so sad and cute i love dogs so much


Reminds me of my A LOT of dead dogs.


LOL same

I love this game, it reminds me of my dog :)


this game made me cry i loved it so much


This game made me mad. 

Because I'm at school and I cannot immediately go and spoil my dog. > : (

It's too sad, good but really fvcking sad and bittersweet. fantastic


ahhhhhhhhhhh same


I love this.


This game made me tear up, thank you for creating it!

Ameiii S2


Honestly an amazing game. It's simple, fun, creative and bittersweet all at the same time! I really hope this actually happens in real life or imma file a complaint to whoever runs this universe 

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