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i cried a little loved the dog so much but scared myself by pressing bark for too long LOL.


I wrote a song at the end to commemorate the good boy. It is as concise as it is heartfelt. Please enjoy. <3


This is so adorable at the same time sad TvT

Triste pero a la vez inspirador.  10/10


Even knowing what this game is about going in, it still manages to just hit you like a train; for being a simple puzzle game about a beloved dog who passed away, it conveys the grief of each of the family members in such a way that makes sense and is relatable. From helping with word puzzles, making food, licking the plates clean, and just giving each family a nostalgic memory to leave off on, Goodbye Doggy just knows the right buttons to push for each stage of sadness that anyone in life will experience from a passing.

There really isn't much to say about this game other than that; it's a simple point and click puzzle that has you, Doggy, do a few things for you family before passing onto the next life. The puzzles seem to be doable in a very open manner as you have the freedom to collect and give items as you please. I couldn't find any bugs or glitches on my two playthroughs, and for the message that this game is trying to convey, the length is just right to make the player feel

All in all, if you're looking for a trip down grief and acceptance, you should 100% play this game. It's a really short one, but one you'll remember

My playthrough:

Cute game 



this game shot a arrow into my heart and this game makes me nostalgic and remembering everything in life but aside from that this game is amazing pls make more 

reading the grave stone is so sad, but the game is fun and easy to learn (abt 5 minutes of gameplay)


This was a super cute little game. Love that the dog is looking out for his family even in death. <3

this game is so cute !!!  i love it so much :33


So adorable yet so sad. The game teaches us how to cope with grief of a loved one leaving you forever by reminding us that even the one is now no more among us, still the memories are immortal. The love stays forever. <3

This game was so cute, it warmed up my heart!


this game was adorable


Enjoyed your game, I even speedrunned it.


Very adorable and heartwarming -yet heartbreaking little game. Abolsutely love it


This made me cry so hard, it reminds me of my dead dog and makes me feel like maybe he's still here :')

ik right!


no estoy llorando 

tu estas llorando :')


encanto 15/10

the dog is so cute <3

The music and the concept... ITS SO WHOLESOME

this is the only subject i heave ever cried on over screens: dead dogs.

I cried the entire time 10/10

this was so cute <3

i didn't cry  

we all cried :,)

I got emotional after a while ;-;'

Reminds me of my old dog :)

super sad but totally worth it to play :) <3




this is sad but makes me happy at the end


this made me so happy. thank you


Very cute, the  music  just adds soul to the game, its very short and nice i loved it!


My childhood dog was the sweetest soul and it's a little silly, but sometimes I feel like she'd still with me. This reminded me a lot of how sweet she was and how much comfort she brought me in my hard times. Thank you for this gem. The froggy hat outfit was really cute! :>


Great game! Wondering if there's anywhere we can listen to/download the music outside the game?


why tf am i crying..? what did you do to me?!


prolly bc of ur weird as username?

Like my 10th time playing!

still love it!!

A sweet lil game, I enjoy it alot! :)

it is very cute game and amazing keep going:D

this is an amazing game,, really cute!


This is a sweet game nice job :)

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