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All jokes aside, seriously, this game is fantastic, it looks stunning and I just love everything about it- 


man. this reminds me my dog which is my bestfriend that died two years ago, such good memories. I hate you for reminding me about him LOL. I really enjoyed the game :)


ghost boy is best boy


so i played it again just to see if i could take an item with me. (it did not work)


oh god, this touched my heart. i have also lost a dog, so i know the feeling.


Great game:)

I love it;)


I'm crying like a little softie I am.





Totally not crying. (I am.) This is an amazing game. I hope you make more like it!


im not crying im just allergic to this game




Ah now I remember my deceased dog..


the cutest thing ever


So sweet!

I loved this game! Please do a sequal!

This game was so precious!!

Such a nice game!

What a beautiful game!!

such a lovely game, love the music and the artstyle too! :)

man beatyfull game, made my day

excelent art style, music and cute gamplay

i wish they made a full game about this concept

:) It's so nice

this is pure beatuy

This was so good! 

That was so cute. I really enjoyed the art and the way the game played. It has a cool feel to it. Thanks for sharing :)

This is so beautiful!


This really got to me. Nice work.


I'm not crying, you are crying! :'c This was beautiful

What a beautiful game.

Very heart warming, reminding me that Gracie would not want my family and I to be sad, but to be happy with the memories we have with her..

oh my god where did all these tears come from....

this game made me cry the first game that has made me cry ever. it was cute and fun and i enjoyed it


After losing my best friend, I really appreciate this. Goodbye Doggy.

This is so cute!! I just wish there was more. Please let us know if you make more levels or add different pets! :)

Cute game, short, quick, to the point.  Very nice.  Still, having had to put my dog to sleep a few weeks ago, perhaps playing it at work was not a good idea.

This is beautiful. Thank you for making this.

Very charming game. Anyone who has ever owned a dog will understand. Also it was well made and fun to play! Awesome job devs! 

Just played it. It's. the. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

My heart feels warm after playing it. Thank you very much!

So cute! Reminds me of my dog who passed on. Thanks for making this.

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This game is so adorable! I keep replaying it just because of how cute it is! I definitely didn't cry playing

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