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this is actually sad


I lost my dog exactly 1 month ago, july 11.

This is a lovely game to play </3.


i am crying sobbing bcs of this game i misss my pet so much :( but thanks creator for this game was lovely 


i cried playing this T_T lovely game


me and my mom had to put down my dog last April (i had her all my life) and this game made me cry so much think about her :(

Good game

i love this game! but it's so sad :(

this is sad



this game make me crying

i love this game 


How did you manadge to make me cry so much with just a few minutes of play. Great game.

a cute little game that while sad, does make things feel a bit better :>


anyone else start crying or am i just too emotional 😭😭😭


This made me think of my dog's death, but not in a bad way I just felt like he was in a better place.

The music is cool ngl. <)

this is so soft and cute :D

A darling game <3

good game. the music is cool.

Good game, enjoyed it.


I cried.

Cute and simple. How odd a game about ghosts but it's not scary. Pretty neat! Could be longer though. Adding another family member would be cool too!


awww :c

bittersweet experience. I need a moment to just sit down


oow...adorable but so sad :'(...

Adorable! Finally a cute but not scary game!

so cute!

Soooooo saddddddddddddd :((


god damn It I need more games like this

The shortest game to ever make me tear up... thanks, I needed this.

the game it´s good <3

I love your game, thaks for share :) 

crying in my english lesson rn

very cute and sweet game... takes about 5 minutes.


This game is really cute! It gave me a smile but also made me sad, kudos!


awe very cute but heartbreaking


sad but cute!


i cried a little loved the dog so much but scared myself by pressing bark for too long LOL.

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