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this is so beautiful omg

This game got me in the feels.

10/10, cried before even starting.

im gonna cry





I LOVE THIS SM !!! i'm really sad for the family though.. as a person who lost a pet last year i feel their pain


this game is very sad and cute at the same time

i love it

 Love this game<3 It reminds me of my own doggy^-^ crying...

Nice gam


cute game, vry recommend

i love this

LOVE IT <3333



Good doggo


Soooo cute!!! Loved it <3


this was amazing, ended up crying


What a cute game!

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too wholesome, i made my mouse shake aggresively

I love this game! So cute and so sad story made me drop tears(TへT)1 min movie I made..






This is so sad, and adorable at the same time, im so conflicted. Good Work though


What a cute game. I love how this tackles on loss of a loved one in a cute 8-bit style and the message of this game. There's just a personal problem;

How can crosswords scare people?

Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:


this game sad but good


Absolutely incredible work. Thank you for giving a bit of closure to the loss of a loyal pet.


I'm crying. I love this so much. It's so simple but it hits home for me <3

this made me smile. i really enjoyed it.


wow this was just wow its amazing im speechless it almost had me crying.


This is really sad game. It made me think how I would feel when my dog does di


My dog died a couple of months ago. Reminds me of him :,) thanks for making this


I Was playing this game on newgrounds yesterday. I remember -playing it on 2016 when my dog was already old and feeling this dreadfull feeling. Now its 2022 and she passed 3 months ago. I cried A LOT while playing, but its not a dreadfull feeling anymore. Thank you for this

sad but really cool to play >:3

I really like this game, but couldn't figure out how to toast the bread. Did anybody else have this problem? I am up to the point where I already delivered the ball and the dad/mom (parent?) just needs some time. 


i played this not  logged into my acc

but this is very heartwarming..!! :D

it makes me cry when i play but its not like i was extremely sad while playing

my fuzzy friend chump is still with me at the moment and

like this game he makes me smile!  10/10  kinda 

want a squeal but i think that might be unnecessary....


thank you sm for this game. it means a lot to me; its been 4 months since my cat died and im still completely broken over it, but i feel that playing this game has helped me gain a sense of closure and make peace with it <3


This was so sad but so good TOT

so sweet and heartwarming. worth every minute spent playing<3


i cant stop crying  i dont like dogs dying and i dont like that the dog has to go im still crying right now

aww man, game doesnt work i cant use the controls

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